Wednesday, 24 May 2017

And Then There Was Seven

We'll start with the bad news, we regret to have to announce that a failure of a big end bearing on one of our visiting locos, USATC, S160, 6046 will preclude it from visiting our gala this year.  This is of course extremely disappointing news, but it is the way of things in the world of steam locomotive preservation.  It is very much hoped that we can arrange for 6046 to visit us for a gala in the next year or so.  Unfortunately, at this late stage there has been no possibility of obtaining a replacement, try as we might.  I note that another heritage railway has cancelled its gala scheduled for this weekend through the inability to obtain locos.  It's the downside of having a gala on a popular bank holiday weekend I'm afraid.  

The change has come too late to be able to be reflected in the brochure however  the online timetable timings will remain the same although the locomotive allocations will need to change.  At the time of writing, the revised timetable hasn't been completed, but it will hopefully be on the GWSR website sometime late on Thursday.  The printed copies of the timetable wil have the correct details.

On the good news front, the remaining guest locos have now arrived on site, 1450, along with its auto-trailer, W238W, Chaffinch (both by kind permission of the Severn Valley Railway & Push Pull LTD) and 76017 (by kind permission of the Mid Hants Railway).
76017 being coaled shortly after arrival
1450 awaiting its steam test
W238W Chaffinch
The home fleet (2807, 4270, 7820, Dinmore Manor, 7903, Foremarke Hall & 35006, Peninsular & Oriental S.N. Co) are all still available for service and will be appearing.

Also under the heading of good news, is that we can now confirm that we will be running some trains more than 200 yards (I refuse to use the metric equivalent that the confirmation message employed) beyond Little Buckland bridge.  A round trip of approximately 8 miles from Toddington, and to within about a mile of Broadway Station. This is around 2 miles further north than Laverton, which had been our previous northern limit of operations. Our 3 car 117 class DMU made the first passenger carrying trip up there on Tuesday.  1450 and auto-trailer W238W will be taking shuttles from Toddington to Little Buckland each day, and several of the longer trains will top and tail there as well.  See the timetable for further details (note, not yet revised at the time of writing). 

One final bit of good news is that we now have a new fireman, Graham passed out at the weekend. 
Graham (r), being congratulated by inspector Irving.

Congratulations on making the grade Graham, and welcome to the firing team.


  1. Such a shame about the S160... I was really looking forward to seeing it. Still, as you say, maybe next year... I'm sure this coming gala weekend will be a great success regardless!

  2. I am confused! Two miles north of Laverton (on the Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 map) measures out as being in the middle of Station Road, Broadway. Two hundred yards north of Little Buckland bridge, is approx. 0.9 miles north of Laverton bridge.

    1. Mea Culpa... I should have got my tape measure out when I went up to Peasebrook Farm a few weeks ago. Roughly within one mile of Broadway anyway.

  3. I also regret the USATC loco not being available, however that is the problem that all preservation railways have to bear. Even Diesels can fail! As the first person has already said, I hope and am sure that the gala will be great none the less. Regards, Paul.

  4. Very disappointing about the USA S160, I was really looking forward to taking videos of the locomotive for YouTube. Still, at least we've got the Standard Class 4 and the 14xx 0-4-2T to look forward to. If there is a double-header with 76017+35006 I will be recording it at Toddington.