Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Chris Evans' Breakfast Show BBC Radio 2

The beautiful rostered locos for the Races - 35006 and 7903,
whilst Thunderbird 7-820 sits as a backup.

There has been a flurry of excitement at the Railway and on social media today, following the news that Andrew Beale had a telephone interview on BBC Radio 2 this morning, during Chris Evans' Breakfast Show, as part of 'Great Job Wednesday'.

As you may know, Gold Cup week is in full swing, when thousands of revellers descend upon Cheltenham to watch the finest racehorses in action and hopefully leave with more money in their pockets than what they arrived with. A few race-goers decide to travel in style and book a ticket on one of the GWSR's glamorous 'At The Races' specials. They are generally fully booked each year which just goes to show how popular they are - however not everyone knows about them, it seems - Chris Evans being one of them.

The interview came out of the blue when someone mentioned to Chris that you could go to Cheltenham Festival via steam train! Andy did an excellent job in the interview, and who knows, maybe Mr Evans will pay us a visit in person soon?

You can find the full interview/topic here from 2:08:11 - 2:16:50 (available until Thursday 13th April 2017).

Driver Andy, Fireman Chris and the Merchant Navy


  1. Great exposure and, FREE!, Well done Andy, haven't listened to the broadcast yet but, I'm sure you did us proud! C'mon Chris, visit our railway!

  2. It was good to see,that such a prestigious loco as 35006,was heading one of the racing trains!.Yes!.Chris Evans,should pay a visit,to the railway!.