Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Thanks a Million

One million pounds has been raised, Chicken curve embankment has been rebuilt and today was the grand reopening of the line.  For the first time since 1979 trains can run the whole distance from Cheltenham Racecourse to Laverton.  Local radio and television all reported on the event and rather more humbly, your roving correspondent pitched up with his camera to take a few pictures too.  Trains were hauled by Modified Hall, 7903 Foremarke Hall, class 37 diesel, 37215 and the 117 class DMU plus bubble car running as a 4 car set. Thank you to everybody who made it happen, those who so generously supported us financially and those who organised and assisted in this milestone event for the railway.

On the starting blocks, Foremarke Hall and the class 117 DMU

Salubritas et eruditio

Foremarke Hall's crew, L - R, Steve Oddy, John Cruxon & Roger Burrows

Foremarke Hall sweeps round Chicken Curve into Winchcombe on the first service

Pulling into Winchcombe

Foremarke Hall returning under three arches bridge into Dixton cutting

In glorious sunlight, the class 117 DMU plus bubble car on Chicken Curve


Arriving at Winchcombe

The second run for Foremarke Hall.  Mark Young gazes out of the leading window of the second carriage

John Cruxon looks out through the cab window of Foremarke Hall

The bubble car leads the class 117 DMU back across Chicken Curve to Laverton

Bubble car and class 117 DMU

Formarke Hall pulls away from Toddington towards Laverton

37215 pulls the train across Stanway Viaduct, Foremarke Hall pushes from the rear


Foremarke Hall crossing Stanway Viaduct

37215 has disappeared off to Cheltenham with the train, Foremarke Hall follows on behind to return to the shed

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