Sunday, 14 October 2012

Getting steamed up

Since before daybreak, the steam loco dept of the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway has busied itself in its temporary home at Winchcombe raising steam on today's service engine, ex Great Western Railway 28XX class, 2807.

 Once the pressure gauge is starting to move in the right direction, cleaning is well underway and much tea has been consumed, a brief walk up to Chicken curve to inspect progress on rejoining the two halves of the railway takes place.  Work has continued at a dizzying pace recently, the track has been laid, ballasted and tamped.  All that remains before the line is fully reopened again is to recable the signalling.  The much anticipated reopening date has been set as October the 30th.

Later on, reports of a broken steam heating bag on 2807 filter through.  The middle bag between the locomotive and tender has suffered a catastrophic and very loud failure, much to the consternation of the crew.  During a pit stop that would have been the envy of even the finest formula 1 racing team, John Cruxon swiftly removes the deceased bag and replaces it with a new one.  The passengers on the service train once again resume their journey in steam heated as well as steam hauled luxury.

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