Monday, 15 January 2018

One In, One Out

Your humble blogger was tied up in a gala committee meeting in the morning and had a pressing engagement elsewhere in the afternoon, so a slightly sparse report this week I'm afraid.  The two items that I have for you both come under the heading of good news though.   The first item is that after a sojourn on the Llangollen Railway, 2807 has returned and is now well into her winter maintenance programme.

Amongst the myriad tasks taken on, was a boiler washout
Bruce (l) & Gilbert highly visibly washing out 2807's boiler (photo courtesy of Roger Molesworth)
The fireman's side leading coupling rod requires new bushes and to get at it of course, you need to remove the connecting rod.  This was new-starter Rob's first chance to get stuck in with the loco, doubtless a pleasant change from making boot scrapers.
Rob about to remove the connecting rod (photo courtesy of Roger Molesworth)
Job done, coupling rod next (photo courtesy of Roger Molesworth) 
The driver's side piston valve is also in need of some attention, John prepped for the job by removing the access cover, running board plates and lamp bracket.
John excavating the driver's side piston valve (photo courtesy of Roger Molesworth)
This was all on top of the usual winterisation tasks such as draining the hydrostatic lubricators and removing the injector innards
David draining the hydrostatic lubricator (photo courtesy of Roger Molesworth)
Well that's the "One In" from the title of this post, what is the "One Out"?  Well, that is 76077, which has been fetched out of its isolated spot on the north siding into the car park
The mortal remains of 76077 (photo courtesy of Pete Gutteridge)
The various items have been craned off of the well wagons and are now cordoned off in a section of the car park. They will soon have a small marquee erected over them, a contractor will then come in, shot blast the lot and then coat everything in primer.  After that, the owner (probably assisted by GWSR volunteers) will get the frames into top coat before it gets sent off to Locomotive Maintenance Services for the start of its restoration.  The clock is ticking on this, as we need the space back in the car park before the 2018 running season starts.
76077's Boiler...
...and pony truck
After so long in the doldrums, it is wonderful to see 76077 on the road to running again.  Watch this space for more news on her progress as and when the information becomes available.


  1. Great to see 2807 back at Toddington.
    also to see 76077 getting some attention at last. Has the owner found a suitable tender for her yet? Not that many about now, I would assume. Regards, Paul.

  2. The plan is to build a tender, with many parts already sourced or promised. The option to hire one in if need be is always a possibility.

  3. Great news I hope it will be a BR2 or BR2a type tender for extra visibility when running tender first. Not that the effects me but that type look better. Graham

    1. I 100% agree Graham. The BR2a type which it was coupled to when built would not only be authentic, but give better visibility when running tender first and be aesthetically pleasing. Sister 76084 running on the North Norfolk Railway really is a thing of beauty.